Indo-Chine Deep Fried Fish

It's Ranjit's lab night again. Today's creation is an improvisation - a fried fish with a mixture of Indian and Chinese flavours.

What you'll need:

or anything else that helps you relax :o)

2. Any fresh white fish - cleaned. We got this nice black pomfret (1 kg)

3. Spices: cinnamon (1 in. stick), cloves (7-8), cardamon (5), black pepper (15), ginger (1/4 in. piece), dried red chillies (2 or according to your taste)
4. Hoisin sauce (2 tbsp), vinegar (2 tbsp), soy sauce (2 tbsp), fish sauce (according to taste, can be replaced by salt)
5. Cooking oil for deep frying

Crush cinnamon, cardamon and black peppercorns and put it into blender along with ginger, red chillies, vinegar and soy sauce and blend it all for a minute.

Mix fish sauce into the paste.

Rub the paste onto the skin of the fish as well as inside the fish. Leave it to marinate for half an hour.

Heat the oil in a large pan or wok and deep fry the fish on both sides till cooked (the time will depend on the size of the fish). If the pan is not big enough for the fish, you'll have to fry it in parts sliding it forward (as we did it :o)).

Finally, drizzle it with hoisin sauce.

It was yum!


The Cooking Ninja said...

This fish recipe looks so delicious. :)

Jurate said...

Thanks Cooking Ninja :o) It was an interesting combination of flavours and the fish was so fresh... yum :o)