Mango-Kaffir Lime Leaf & Rum Smoothie

As my mango obsession continues, here is another quick and yummylicious sinful mango treat rated RRRRR for RUM :o) Kaffir lime leaves make this smoothie very fresh and delicious with spicy-lemon-lime flavour. I can still taste the fresh flavour of lime leaves after the drink is long over. So aromatic and satisfying!

For two portions:
2 mangoes (Alphonso, if you can get it)
~1 tsp of sugar (or per your taste)
3-4 fresh Kaffir lime leaves (the younger the better)
~60 ml of Bacardi rum (or per your taste)
Cut the mango and scoop out the pulp into a blender, add Kaffir lime leaves, and sugar and blend it until you get a smooth paste. Add Bacardi and ice and blend it for another moment until it mixes well. That's it! Enjoy!

Depending on the consistency, you can make it into a simple dessert -- nothing is better than fresh mango -- or a drink by just adding fresh orange juice and more ice.

Dried Kaffir Lime leaves won't work for this recipe.


Egle said...

Jurate, taip negalima. Už tokį kūrinį leisčiau kad mane nukankintų lėtai ir skausmingai. O, Dievulėliau...

Jurate said...

Aciu, Egle :o) Pralinksminai su savo komentaru, bet as tikrai ne tokia ziauri... Megautis, ne kankinti! (kablelio dilema :o))

Puanc said...

Kur gi tie Alfonso mango??? Skanavau jų Indijoje kartą ir prisiminsiu visą likusį gyvenimą. Smoothie atrodo puikiai!

JURATE said...

Zinau... lietuviskame bloge net nemineciau, kad Alfonso. Kartais pamastau apie tai, kiek skonis priklauso nuo mango rusies (saldus, rugstesni, minkstesni, kietesni...), bet turbut, kai nera pasirinkimo, tai skanus visi :o)

Bellini Valli said...

Val here from BloggerAid-Changing the Face of Famine. We have tried to contact you regarding the correctness of the information for the recipe you sent in for the cookbook. Please e-mail me at We are in the Editing process:D

P. Vrinda said...

This combination sounds great.. I will surely try this until the Mango season lasts.
Can you please help me with the sourcing for Kaffir lime leaves in Mumbai? I have been looking around for that for my Thai recipes.
Thank you!

Jurate said...

I am happy you liked the combination! We've been treating ourselves with this several nights in a row until lime leaves got over :o)

You can get lime leaves in Pali Naka market. We found one man there who always has nice fresh herbs and other ingredients for Thai recipes. He doesn't overcharge and some other sellers do there. You will have to ask around, he probably will be the only one to sell such things there. Good luck!