Irish Cream Tiramisu (by Nigella)

Warning: This recipe will raise the benchmark for Tiramisu for EVER! After I made it the first time for my bro's-in-law birthday, Ranjit and I find it hard to NOT reject the fine tiramisu we get at restaurants when eating out. So make it at your own risk as I promise you that your family will start asking for more, then demanding... And before their demands turn into threats, I am making it again for a Sunday lunch =)

I found this recipe in "Nigella Express", but it was way too expensive to make it in India. So I tried making it with a bunch of substitutes (see the tips at the bottom) that worked very well and the tiramisu still tasted divine at the end.

For 6 servings, you'll need:
~200 ml of Irish cream*
200 g of lady finger biscuits**
250 g of mascarpone***
2+ espresso shots
1 fresh egg
~1 tbsp of caster sugar
1+ tbsp of cocoa powder

1. Make fresh and strong espresso and let it cool down.

2. Separate the egg and whisk the yolk with caster sugar until it becomes smooth and pale yellow using a hand mixer.

3. Mix in about 40 ml of the Irish cream into the mascarpone substitute and whisk it until it's light and mousse like. Mix in the yolk.

4. Whisk the egg white until thick and frothy and carefully fold it into the mousse mixture.

5. In a shallow dish, mix half of the espresso and half of the remaining Irish cream. Dip the biscuits into it, turn them on the other side and let them soak until damp, but not soggy.

6. Line the bottom of a dish with a layer of biscuits (two layers in my case) and spread half of the mousse mixture on the top. Repeat the same with the second layer. After I line up the second layer of biscuits, I pour the leftover espresso and Irish cream dip on the top of it. Believe me, it won't be too much! =)

7. Cover the dish and let it stay in the fridge overnight so that all the flavours mix well together. When you are ready to serve it, use a tea strainer to dust the cocoa powder on the top of the tiramisu.


P.S.: Haha! The reaction I got today was: "It was very good! When are you making it again?!" Don't tell me I haven't warned you =)

*I used our home-made "Nairish cream" (see the recipe here)

**I still haven't found lady finger biscuits here and the first time around I baked them myself. It worked well, but it required even more planning in advance as I needed to keep the biscuits at least overnight before using them. This time, I used these Wine Biscuits that are available everywhere. I put double layers and you cannot tell the difference.

***mascarpone... while it is available here, it is more than twice as expensive! So I tried this simple substitute recipe and it worked well: blend 8 oz packet of soft Philadelphia cream cheese with about 1/4 cup of fresh cream. You can add 1 tbsp of sour cream as well.


Anonymous said...

What about the raw eggs? The eggs are probably more local in Mumbai but here in the US, they come from so far away, that we always have to worry about salmonella.

Jurate said...

It's always a good idea to be careful with raw eggs when you don't know where they came from.

A safe option would be to cook egg yolks with sugar while constantly stirring in a bowl over a pot with boiling water - you will get a custard. Be careful to not get an omelette ;o)

Also, whipped cream can be used instead of egg whites. It will make mascarpone mixture lighter.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

just discovered your site...looks good.
In this recipe,you haven't specified when to use the egg yolk. Please clarify :-)

Jurate Nair said...

Hi, thanks so much for pointing it out! The egg yolk gets mixed into the mascarpone.