Deep Fried Snickers Bar!

If you are not one of the Minnesota State Fair's "everything deep-fried" menu fans already, let me tell you that this deep fried Snickers bar is much tastier than you think it is! :o) Until recently, I didn't even imagine I would be making something like this, nor did I know that something like this existed. Then I saw a travel show about Scotland where, apparently, they deep fry many strange things... and I got curious about tasting one of these. I could not just have a spontaneous holiday in Scotland, so I googled about it and decided to make it myself. Still, I didn't imagine I would be posting it until I took the first bite: the candy bar became nice and gooey inside and the crust was light and just melting in my mouth.

You will need:
Snickers bars (or any other candy bar you like)
1 egg
1 cup (200 ml) of milk
~1 cup (200 ml) of flour, divided
1 tsp of baking soda
1 tbsp of melted butter
a pinch of salt
oil for deep frying

1. Freeze candy bars in a freezer for at least 2 hours.

2. Whisk the egg and milk together, add melted butter and mix it well. Set a little bit of flour aside and mix the rest with baking soda and salt. Now mix wet and dry ingredients together until you get a nice smooth batter of sour cream consistency. Adjust by adding more milk or flour if needed. Put the batter into the fridge while the oil is warming up.

3. In a pot, heat oil (enough to cover the candy bar completely) -- don't make it too hot as the batter will fry too fast and the candy will be still cold inside, but also make sure that it is hot enough or else the batter will absorb too much oil. Test the oil by adding a drop of batter into it.

4. Dust the candy bar with the flour you set aside earlier making sure that it is evenly covered. Next, dip the candy bar into the batter making sure that it gets completely covered with it and quickly but carefully put it into the hot oil. Once one side becomes golden brown, turn it over and wait until the other side is done. Put it onto a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. Eat it while it is warm!


You can use leftover batter to make pancakes, just adjust the consistency if needed.


julė said...

this sounds wrong on so.many.levels.
wrong, but SO SO SO good, i imagine!

Jurate said...

Exactly (to both statements)! :o)

Egle said...

How cool is that???
Never seen such a trick before. Am... Jule is right ;)

Rosita said...

Oh my GOD! So manu memories!! When living in Edinburgh, this was #1 treat for any visitor to try. It is soooo greasy and calorie-packed yet so goooood.

The Cooking Ninja said...

I never would have imagined you cook something like this. hehehe ... like u said, one has to taste it to know how sinful that is just like brownie - nothing but sugar and butter. ;)

Jurate Nair said...

Yeah, this could easily be the strangest thing I cooked so far... :o)